1860 Census

Alexandria, Virginia

John and Catherine Creegan

Bernard McCann

John McCann



      On July 2, 1860 a census taker visited John and Catherine Creegan. It is now almost exactly six years since their arrival in Baltimore and they will have been married four years on August 10, 1860. The exact location of their home is not clear at this time but they probably still live on Pitt Street. Since Catherine’s brother lives next door they may even live in their original abode. The children are Michael and Mary Ann have but it looks like they told a little fib to the census taker. This is what is on the census (the spelling of John’s name was recorded improperly):


John Cregan          30      m       laborer

Catherine               26      f

Martha                    3      f

Mary Ann              11/12 f


As you can see they told him that Michael was a female named Martha. John W. told me there may be an Irish lore about the first born son that came into play here!




The family listed next in the census was the McCann family - Barney and Ellen McCann. There is no dwelling number for them so they were likely living with John and Catherine. Barney is actually Bernard, Catherine’s brother. We think Bernard arrived prior to John and Catherine (in 1849) and may be the reason they headed for Alexandria. I’ll bet that Catherine stayed with them until she married John.


Their first born is also Michael and guess what they did?!


Barney McCann     33      m

Ellen                      29      f

Murtle                     5      m/f

Bridget                    3

Hugh                     11/12 m





They called Michael, Murtle and if you look closely there is an ‘f’ over the ‘m’ (or visa versa). I would love to have seen that exchange. Why did they call Elizabeth, Bridget? It must be that thick Irish accent.


      Not very far away is another McCann, John McCann. He is also Catherine’s brother. He is older than Bernard but we don’t know if he is the oldest sibling. There is a lot more to John and Sally’s life – check the McCann chapter fore more. Please note that Jno is an abbreviation for John and Sally is a common nickname for Sarah (John called Sarah, Sally, and Catherine, Kitty in a letter to John Creegan.)