1870 Census

Alexandria, Virginia

John and Catherine Creegan

Bernard McCann

John McCann


      A lot of changes occurred in Alexandria and with our relatives since the 1860 census. The Civil War was over and the City has grown as has the Creegan family. Their census information is in the second ward on page 44.


     The census taker misspelled the name again only this time it is Creagen. There are 6 children with Michael, Mary Ann and Catherine listed as being in school.


            Creagen, John

                      , Catherine

                      , Michael

                      , Mary Ann

                      , Catherine

                      , Elizabeth

                      , Ellen

                      , John





The neighborhood is different too and maybe not for the better, the people are different whether because John and Catherine moved or others moved away. At the top of page 44 and bottom of page 43 - 4 of the occupants of a ‘restaurant’ are listed as prostitutes. Oh my, that’s only 7 dwellings away.





Bernard McCann no longer lives next door. They have moved to Charles County Maryland and Bernard is listed as a farmer. They now have 7 children and the numbers to the right (350, 300) represent value of real estate and personal estate respectively. They are living next door to the McSherry’s, Ellen’s parents. It looks like he is doing pretty well. Go down the list and you’ll see they live very near the Mudd’s. As I understand it, this is THE Mudd’s.




I guess every one deserted John and Catherine because John McCann is now in the Missouri census! He and his family are in St. Francois county, Iron, in Iron Mountain Township. They may have ended up here after the war as John was involved. John and Hugh are listed as coal stackers. Apparently John can read and write but Sally cannot. Hugh can read but not write. There are a couple of interesting things here. The listed ages are a little different from other data we have on John and family but not enough to make me think they are different McCann’s. Another is that all the kids except Sarah are listed born in Ireland. This is not correct (see 1880 census). I wonder who was at home at the time, John?


            McCann, John









      It appears that son John has died. Remember they eventually lose 7 out of 11 children.