Creegan Family History




*     The Creegan family continues to live in Alexandria. In the early 1860’s they are probably still living near the Canal. By 1864, at the latest, they had moved to Coal Warf between Fairfax and Water near the Canal. This is based on the address listed on a number of St. Mary’s pew receipts and Chataigne’s City Directory entries. They are here until at least April 1, 1872. Water refers to Water Street which is now Lee Street. I am still researching ‘Coal Warf’ but it may be Smoot’s Coal Warf but that seems somewhat distant from the Canal.


*     Catherine, Elizabeth, Ellen and John have been born and along with Michael and Mary Ann I’m sure Catherine was extremely busy.


*     We have a bunch of pew rental receipts from St. Mary’s. The earliest one is the receipt from 14 Jan 1861 for pew 39. The cost was $0.75 per quarter in 1861 and increased to $2.00 per quarter in 1895. You can view all of the receipts in high resolution.


*     They have a bible published in 1861 and have filled in Family information on births. So far there have been no deaths, which is a testament to their dedication to family.


*     There was an unclaimed letter in the Alexandria Post Office on 1/14/1862 for Creagan, John (listed in the Alexandria Gazette).


*     Catherine’s brother, Bernard and family, likely, lived in the same house but later, sometime after Jun 1866, moves to Charles County Maryland (see 1870-1879). [see 1860 census information for details]. Ellen’s parents, Michael and Ann McSherry, are already living in Charles County Maryland where they are farming.


*     Catherine’s brother, John and family, live nearby but he was eventually involved in the Civil War. A series of letters in 1892 and 1893, tell us that he was in the Union Army in the Quartermaster’s Department of the Provost Guard in Alexandria under the command of Captains Ferguson and Lee. J. G. W. Hunt, a pension agent in Caterville, Missouri, sent the letter c/o the Alexandria Post master.  John responded (we do not have the response letter) and Hunt’s reply provided additional information. We have not confirmed that John McCann ever received a pension. After the war, the family moved to Missouri - prior to 1870 and after 1866 (Michael was born in Alexandria about 1866 and Sarah in Missouri about 1869).


*     Take a look at the 1860 census information; I’ve included a lot more Family information and fantasies for your reading pleasure.