Creegan Family History





*     It looks like things have changed quite a bit in Alexandria and it seems the character of their neighborhood has changed and not for the better. See the census data for an explanation. By 1876, at the latest, they had moved to 55 North Pitt Street (see 1880-1889 History for more information on 55 N. Pitt Street).


*     Tragically, son John dies shortly after his second birthday on 26 Mar 1971.


*     Hugh is born only 3 months later on 7 Jun 1871.


*     Hannah is born.


*     Sarah is born but, sadly, lives for only 5 days.


*     William Joseph, their final child as seen in the bible, is born.


*     Bernard and family have moved to southern Maryland.


*     John McCann has settled in St. Francois County, Missouri after the war.


*     Follow the link to the 1870 census information for a lot more information.