Creegan Family History





*     The census was very kind to genealogists in 1880. The census takers recorded the streets as they followed their route. This made it possible to determine that John and Catherine lived on North Pitt Street not far from Queen Street, probably, still in house number 55 (see details in the 1880 census page including a map of the routes). Read about how Alexandria numbered the houses before and after 1888. I attempted to cross-compare the names of their neighbors for the 1860, 1870 and 1880 census. None of the neighbors were the same between each census and when I tried to find a number of them, to see where they were, I could not find them in Alexandria anywhere. I guess folks moved a lot then.


*     Take a look at the 1880 census information; I’ve included the streets and route.


*     Creegan’s at 55 North Pitt Street. As seen above, the Creegan family was, almost certainly, living at 55 North Pitt Street at the time of the census. They definitely were living at 55 N. Pitt in 1876-1877 according to the Chataigne’s City Directory. And the entry in the 1880-1881 Chataigne’s Directory lists John Creegan at “h e s Pitt 3 n Queen” which, translated means home east side of Pitt 3 doors north from Queen. Three doors north from Queen on an 1891 Sanborn Fire Insurance map is 309 North Pitt (If I am correct, 309 is the current number for what was 55 North Pitt prior to 1888). 309 is one of the few remaining old homes on that block. It is clear that they have not yet moved to 312 North Pitt Street address, as it would be on the other side of the street. However, they probably moved to 312 North Pitt before the end of the decade.


*     John was granted US Citizenship in Oct 1884.


*     We have 4 rent receipts between 1884 and 1887 from St. Mary’s that tell us John and Catherine were living in housing most likely owned by the Church.


*     Michael married Mary Ida Kinslow on 15 Apr 1885 in St. Peters Church, Washington, DC.


*     Catherine Creegan (Michael and Ida) and Catherine Reinhardt (Catherine and Julian), John and Catherine’s first granddaughters, were born in 1886.


*     Granddaughter Ida Regina was born 10 May 1888.


*     Article in the Alexandria Gazette, 31 Jul 1888. Legal Brevities – Mr. John Cregan while “breaking” flour in the stores of Messrs. J. T. and J. G. Beckham yesterday evening was caught by a tier of barrels rolling on him and [was] quite badly bruised.


*     Article in the Alexandria Gazette, 3 Dec 1888. Painful accident – Mr. John Cregan, an old and faithful cart driver, who has been in the employ of Messrs. J. T. and J. G. Beckham for some time past, met with a serious accident on Saturday evening last. As he was driving along the Strand between Duke and Prince Sts., someone threw a shovel of ashes in the street which scared the horse and made him shy. In doing so the horse threw Mr. Cregan from the cart and he fell between the cart and the breeching. This scared the horse and he inflicted a severe kick on Mr. Cregan’s leg, breaking the bone above the ankle. In the meantime, one of the cart wheels had run over Mr. Cregan’s other foot painfully hurting his heel. Before the horse could be stopped and Mr. Cregan extricated, the latter had been otherwise seriously hurt.


*     Nearby, on what is now the 200 block of North Pitt (and certainly there in 1880), are four row houses built by Moses Hepburn on his own property. Born a slave in 1809 and freed seven years later, Hepburn overcame tremendous racial prejudices and became a successful entrepreneur in Alexandria. Can you tell I cut and pasted this?