Creegan Family History




*     The 1890 Census records were destroyed in a fire so we do not have that information to use.


*     George N. Edmonds and Bessie Elizabeth Creegan marry on 8 Jul 1890 in St. Aloysius Parsonage, Washington DC.


*     Arthur C. Thomas and Ellen Jerome Creegan marry on 17 Sep 1890 in St. Patrick's Church, Washington DC.


*     Charles Andrew Simpson and Hannah Teresa Creegan marry on 28 Sep 1891.


*     Catherine dies on 4 Oct 1891 [Bible] [obit]. We do not know the circumstances of her death.  The funeral was at their home at 312 North Pitt Street and she was buried in St. Mary’s Cemetery.


*      We have a series of receipts from B. Wheatley, Funeral Director, 807 King Street. One of them is to John for ‘wifes funeral’ per Son. This almost certainly means William delivered the five dollar payment to the funeral home for his father. The payments were made monthly for a year.


*     John receives a Christmas letter from William in 1992.


*     John receives a letter from John McCann from Missouri dated 9 Feb 1893. This letter is very valuable for the information gleaned from it. Take a look. There are additional letters regarding the pension John McCann mentions in the letter – see 1860-1869 History for more details of his service in the Union Army.


*     One of the letters above still has the envelope and is addressed to 312 North Pitt Street and is cancelled Feb 9, 1893 so John was, likely, still living there as of that date.


*     Hugh Bernard and Mary Martina Edelin marry on 24 Jan 1894.


*     Catherine Reinhardt nee Creegan dies on 18 Oct 1895, in Baltimore [Bible]. P.M.Manning, Rector, from St Andrew’s in Baltimore gave the last sacrament to Catherine. We have a receipt from Wheatley’s funeral home showing the payment for 5 hacks, harness and “meeting body and services”. We also have a receipt for the shipment of her possessions to Alexandria from Baltimore on the Baltimore and Potomac Railroad. Her daughter, Catherine, was only nine at the time and later, lived with members of the family – see 1910-1919 history. I have not been able to discover any details about her husband, Julian, as yet.


*     Catherine Reinhardt’s death certificate indicates that she lived in Baltimore for about 12 years which means she moved there in about 1883. She died of natural causes at 918 N. Castle Street - which is near where John’s Hopkins is now – and, apparently, the house is still there.


*     John Creegan dies on 6 Feb 1896 of Bright’s disease at 423 Queen Street [Obit][Bible]. He moved there sometime after 9 Feb 1893 [based on a letter received at 312 N. Pitt].


*     Hugh Bernard dies on 12 Feb 1898 [Bible]. We have no details about his passing.


*     Hannah Teresa Simpson nee Creegan dies on 18 May 1898 [Bible].


*     Hugh P. McCann, son of Bernard McCann dies on 18 May 1890 at 832 4 ½ St SW, Washington DC. He was buried in Mt. Olivet Cemetery. You can view the death certificate in the McCann Concise History.


*     Ellen McCann, wife of Bernard McCann dies on August 13, 1899 at 832 4 ½ St. SW, Washington DC. She is buried in Mt. Olivet Cemetery. You can view the death certificate in the McCann Concise History.