Creegan Family History




Most of the information in this section is based on the 1900 census.



*     The 1900 census shows George (36) and Bessie (34) Edmonds living at 423 Queen Street with May (9), Ruth (7), Bessie (5), Charles (3) and George (6/12). In addition, William Creegan (20), Mary (Molly) Creegan (38), Katie Reinhardt (14), and George Simpson (7) were there. This makes sense because Granddad was living at 423 at the time of his father’s death in 1896, Katie’s mother Catherine Reinhardt nee Creegan died in 1895, when Katie was 9, and George’s Mother, Hannah Teresa Simpson nee Creegan, died in 1898 and his father, Charles Andrew, had just died on 26 Mar 1900 leaving him orphaned. The 1890’s was definitely a difficult decade for the Creegan’s.



*     Actually, Molly turned 40 the previous year, I wonder if that played a part in her listed age.


*     Michael (42) and Ida Creegan (39) are living at 217 South Royal Street. Their children are listed as follows:

                                                                   Birth Month/Year

Mary C (14)                   Feb 1886

Ida Rose (12)               May 1888

Elizabeth (10)               Jan 1890

John T. (8)                    Oct 1891

Rosa (6)                        Oct 1893

Owen C. (4)                  Nov 1895

Margaret (2)                  Jan 1898

It is indicated that they have 7 surviving children out of 7. The Family Tree Maker list I have listing I have shows a Catherine, born in 1886 as having died July 25, 1891. Maybe there is a more recent revision but it appears that Catherine and Mary Catherine is the same person and there was no death in 1891.


Grace J. Kinslow (23), Ida’s sister, is living with them as well.



*     Milard and Sarah Padgett lived just around the corner from Michael and Ida at 325 Duke Street. Their son, Harry Clarence, then 18, will marry Katie Reinhardt within the next few years. It appears that Katie spent some time at Michael and Ida’s house as well as the Edmonds’.



*     Arthur C. Thomas and Ella (Ellen) Thomas nee Creegan are living at 408 Queen Street across the street from the Edmonds’.


Thomas,    Arthur (33)

                   Ella (33), married 9 years with 4 surviving children out of 5

                   Catherine (8)

                   Ellen (5)

                             Julia (3)

                             Elizabeth (1/12)



*     At 112 Princess Street, Elsie May Creegan (3), Hugh Bernard Creegan’s daughter, was living with Thomas and Alice E. Lynch. Alice is the sister of Mary Martina Creegan nee Edelin. Hugh had died in 1898 but I don’t know what happened to Mary Martina. Unfortunately, Elsie died on August 28th. I’ve tried to trace the Edelin family with limited success and was not able to find Mary. I also need the name of the daughter born after Elsie.



*     Bernard McCann is living in Washington, DC at 4 ½ Street SW with Daughter Catherine (33) and son Edward (32), both single, and daughter Mary Schlessinger and grand-children  Edward, Helen and Ruth. We have an old photo circa 1890 of ‘Mamie’ Schlesinger (McCann) and I believe this is her. It is the only photo of one our McCann’s that I am aware of. Bernard is listed as a widower and as immigrating in 1849 but was never naturalized. His occupation was: Capitalist. Edward’s occupation was listed as a Tobacconist.


McCann,              Bernard (67), Wd, Birthdate: May 1833

                             Catherine (33), daughter, single

                             (Bernard) Edward (32), son, single

Schlesinger,        Mary (Ellen) (30), daughter, married 6 years, 3 surviving children out of 3

                             (Bernard) Edward (4), grand-son

                             Helen (2), grand-daughter

                             Ruth (1), grand-daughter


David Schlesinger is Mary Ellen’s husband, however, I have seen no census records for him. He is of German origin as indicated by the census.



*     John and Sarah (Sally) McCann are living in Elvin (sp?) in St. Francois Township, Missouri with their daughter Kate (26). John is listed as born in Sep 1825 and is 74 years old. It is also indicated that he immigrated in 1856 as does Sally. We know this is incorrect because John married Sarah in Arlington, VA in 1853. The census records that they have 4 surviving children out of 11 which corroborates the letter from John McCann to John Creegan in 1893.



*     Hugh McCann, Son of John McCann, Catherine Creegan nee McCann’s brother, is living in Randolph Township in St. Francois County Missouri with his wife and family. The have had 7 children and they are all at home. Later, death certificates of Mary S. and Annie validate this as John McCann’s son. Hugh’s wife’s maiden name is Delahanty and she was born in West Virginia.



*     John J. McCann (Son of Bernard McCann) is living in DC with his wife Laura and children (Mary) Ester and John J. John’s occupation is listed as a plumber.



John and Laura had a son on 1 Jul 1901 who lived for 4 days (DC Death certificate #138113). His death certificate can be viewed in the McCann Concise History.