Creegan Family History

1930 and Beyond


                        Information from the 1930 census:



*      Bessie Edmonds (64) is living at 423 Queen Street with son Charles B. (33) [NOTE: George N. Edmonds died in 1926]. The full page of the census shows the folks on Queen Street and North Pitt St. as noted below.


*      Harry C. Padgett (47) and Catherine Padgett nee Reinhardt (44) are living at 311 North Pitt Street with their son Charles L. (18). See the link to the full census page above.


*      George A. Simpson (37) (son of Hannah Teresa Simpson nee Creegan) and his wife Virginia (31) are living at 419 Queen Street with their daughters Mary (14) and Emily (9). See the link to the full census page above.


*      Mary Ida Creegan (60) is living at 211 South Royal. Her daughter Rose Champion nee Creegan (36) is also there with her husband William Champion (60) and children Mary L. (8) and Margaret (4).


*      Arthur C.Thomas (55), husband of Ellen Thomas nee Creegan, is living at 321 Columbus Street, Alexandria with his daughter Mary T. Thomas (24) and Molly Creegan (67).



*      Frank and Mary Hall are living at 321 Elizabeth Street, Alexandria.



*     Clarence F. Padget (25) and his wife Beatrice (27) are living at 230 North Royal Street with their baby daughter Beatrice (10 months).



*     Mary F. Burgdorf nee McCann (Bernard->Michael->Mary F.) is living with her husband Robert E. in Arlington with their children Robert E., Ronald and Florence.



*     Ellen “Nellie” Simonton nee McCann (40) is living in Arlington, VA with her children – Troxell (19), Ruth E. (11) and Leo E. (8). Apparently there was a divorce.



*      Bernard Edward Shlesinger (Senior) has moved to Rochester, New York with his wife Frances (Garner) and children Bernard, Jr. and Mary. Frances’ sister Mary is also living there. Bernard Edward, Sr. is an Attorney.




*     Belle McCann (Isabella Hannah McCann nee Peppers), the wife of Thomas McCann (John McCann’s son), dies on 18 July 1928 (MO Cert #24208, image on file) in Webb City, MO at the age of 62. Her son, Bernard, signed the death certificate. His address is Joplin, MO and he is about 20 years old. The certificate can be viewed in the McCann Concise History.