The Creegan Family

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Creegan Descendant Tree (pdf) (This is very wide you will have to zoom in and use the hand or scroll bars to navigate)


John (1830-1896)

Catherine (1834-1891)


Michael (1857-1915)

Arnett, Burgess, Champion, Faulkingham, Harris, Hudnall, Knowlton, Madden, McGahey, Wayson


Mary Ann (Molly) (1859-1937)


Catherine Reinhart nee Creegan (1862-1895)

Padgett, Reinhardt


Bessie Elizabeth Edmonds nee Creegan (1864-1944)

Adams, Akers, Barretta, Best, Brown, Chad, Edmonds, Hamel, Kelly, Plante, Purvis, Schwab, Sweat, Tatsapaugh, Williams


Ellen Thomas nee Creegan (1867-1904)

Burke, Cleveland, Deeton, Durrer, Gorham, Helmick, Henry, Korrey, Maggro, Moriarty, Thomas, Thompson.


John (1869-1871)


Hugh Bernard (1871-1898). Hugh in group - George Edmonds is to the right and sitting. This picture was taken at the Manning Marble Company shop on Pennsylvania Avenue around Third Street.

Beach, Hoffmaster, Popkins


Hannah Teresa Simpson nee Creegan (1873-1898)

Corbin, Dodson, Nixon, Simpson, Stacy, Statts, Weinhold, Wilson, Willett


Sarah (1876-1876)


William Joseph (1879-1964)

Augustine, Berman, Creegan, Crosen, Hardison, Hensley, McMannis, Ralph, Sterne, Watt


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